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Concealed Carry of Firearms on Campuses in the United States

IACLEA works continuously on improving the safety of all who study, work or visit campuses.  Members of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) oppose all forms of violence.  

Whereas, fifty states within the United States are autonomous when drafting legislation concerning specific safety regulations within a state; 

Whereas, in recent years many states have passed legislation allowing for the concealed carry of weapons on campus, usually within certain proscribed guidelines;    

Whereas, it is incumbent upon our U.S.A. membership to implement state law in the manner that is compliant with state law;

Be it resolved that IACLEA calls upon its members in states which allow concealed carry to adopt policies for its implementation.  To that end, IACLEA endorses the National Center for Campus Public Safety white paper on the topic authored in June of 2016.   


Adopted January 2018

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