The Leading Authority For Campus Public Safety

Director, Safety and Security, Hamline University

Position: Director, Safety and Security
Employment Type: Full-time, Exempt.

Job Description Summary:
This position is responsible for the administration and direction of the department of Safety and Security Services and the operations of the Anderson Center facility. Duties of the director’s position include the development, planning, implementation, coordination and directing of the department’s activities, including but not limited to; public safety, safety programs, parking operations, access control, emergency notification and response and department personnel management.

Representative Duties and Responsibilities:
● Develop and administer a comprehensive public safety department with a goal of providing a safe learning and working environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests.
● Develop and implement departmental public safety policies and procedures.
● Ensure policies and procedures are implemented and followed and that they are compliant with Hamline policy, federal, state and local regulations, including required reporting (e.g. Clery).
● Perform and oversee investigations of criminal and other activities as required.
● Develop and direct all campus crime prevention initiatives. Design and conduct training materials for the campus community.
● Maintain liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and with local fire prevention and safety agencies.
● Develop, monitor and manage department programs, including; key control, electronic access control, CCTV, alarms management and emergency notification. Provide routine audit reporting to Facilities regarding the equipment status.
● Plan and coordinate security for special events.
● Develop and implement fire and severe weather safety programs. Communicate, educate and provide training and drills for the campus community on these programs.
● Management of the university’s central vehicle fleet program.
● Provide leadership and direction for all department staff.
● Develop process and procedures for hiring of department personnel including positions descriptions, program for posting of open positions, testing procedures and supervisor involvement.
● Develop and implement training program for department staff to include new hire program and annual continuing education.
● Provide leadership and direction for all department staff including the development of work assignments, performance evaluation standards, rewards program and discipline program.
● Develop and implement an interdepartmental communication plan (e.g. between shifts, departmental meetings, supervisors meetings).
● Conduct monthly departmental meetings.
● Develop and administer a comprehensive campus safety program.
● Serve as safety and health officer for the university.
● Work with university departments and employees to conduct needs assessments of campus training as required.
● Is chairperson of the Campus Safety Committee.
● Assist the University Leadership in the development and direction of campus emergency response programs.
● Advise and serve as a member of the Risk Management Committee.
● Advise and serve as a member of the Emergency Operations Center.
● Advise and serve as a member of the Behavior Assessment and Critical Incident teams.
● Develop and implement policies and procedures for the operation of university parking lots. This includes policies and procedures for the sale of permits, maintaining lot signs, monitoring of lots, enforcement and collections and an appeals program.
● Develop and manage the annual department budget.
● Chair of the Safety Committee
● All other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and abilities:
● Proven skills in developing, implementing and managing safety and security operations and programs.
● Knowledge and experience in applying best practices in safety and security.
● Demonstrated success in the use of conceptual and critical thinking skills.
● Possess strong analytical, problem identification, and conflict resolution skills.
● Ability to communicate verbally and in writing and to effectively present ideas, plans and procedures in a clear and concise manner to team members, senior leadership staff, faculty, students and others in one-on-one and group situations.
● Ability to analyze situations and procedures and recognize any safety or health hazards that exist.
● Ability to consistently demonstrate a high degree of personal integrity and emotional maturity.
● Proven ability to effectively, continuously and discretely work with confidential and sensitive information.
● Demonstrated ability to work with persons from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
● Demonstrated success in building collaborative relationships with diverse internal and external groups (e.g. Residential Life/Student Affairs, neighborhood groups, local law enforcement).
● Ability to stay abreast of applicable regulations and codes.
● Demonstrated knowledge and skills of safety and security technology (e.g. reporting software, card access, CCTV, fire and security alarms).
● Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Google, Google Apps, Banner and Crystal reporting.
● Experience and sensitivity working with students from diverse backgrounds.

Minimum Education/Experience:
● Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
● 5-7 years of related law enforcement or security experience equal in scope to the requirements and duties of the position, including managerial experience.
● 5-7 years of proven and successful leadership or managerial experience.

Preferred Education/Experience:
● Bachelor’s degree in law enforcement or criminal justice.
● Master’s degree from an accredited college or university.
● Title IX Investigation Certification.
● Training and experience in safety.
● Experience in a university setting.

Required Licenses Certs Summary:
● A valid Minnesota driver’s license.

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