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Emergency Dispatcher

Institution name: University of Alaska Anchorage

Title: Emergency Dispatcher

Job location: AK

Job category: Officer positions


Posting date: 2023-02-15 00:00:00

End date: 2023-04-30 00:00:00

Position Summary:

Emergency dispatchers gather, correlate, prioritize and analyze all pertinent information regarding emergency and non-emergency situations, in order to establish proper UPD response/procedure and requirements. Solve complex problems daily using established guidelines and procedures in order to provide correct safety, security and services for the general public and police officers. Dispatchers often make technical decisions without referral to higher supervision due to the immediacy of the situations at hand- for instance, when to make a call out (home phone) to supervisors, the Chief, Lieutenants, Dean of Students, Chancellors' personnel and the CRT group. Decide whether a Building Manager needs to be contacted, etc. Must know how to react to volatile situations/people and how to proceed with the correct responder/s. Due to the increasing domestic, terrorism and more volatile situations that have risen world-wide, dispatchers are continuously taught/updated on how to handle individual situations. For example: bomb threats, terroristic threats, sexual assaults, etc. Dispatch must be able to recognize any/all threats/situations (telephonically) involving the UAA community and surrounding areas and know the proper response, responders and contacts for each situation. We are hiring three positions, apply today!





Access State and Federal Criminal Information Systems for basic person, vehicle and criminal data/information activities on an individual, in response to the officer''s request, during investigations and traffic incidents.
Efficiently maintain and update department resource documents relating to: Building security, Building/Room access authorizations, Building lock-up logs, Student Schedules, Building managers and home phones for emergency call-outs, Weekly after hours schedules, UAA/Employee listings, Law Enforcement and UPD Memos/Wanted Persons notices, Trespass Listing, Call-out lists for Facilities Services personnel and to include other UAA employees involved with other pertinent listings. Updating UPD listings for all phone contacts used by personnel. Updating/maintaining other various listings/access to UAA departments/buildings etc. Update and maintain all Law Enforcement Data/Procedures utilized for APSIN/NCIC & NLETS.
Monitor radio systems UPD, Campus Services and APD. Dispatch the correct responders and assistance.
Monitor UAA Fire/Intruder Alarm Data Systems. Coordinate with responsible parties and responders. Monitor Facility Services Alarm Trouble System for equipment problems and contact a responding maintenance technician. Monitor multi-camera CCTV system for in-progress event, and relay pennant information to responders.
Process and file police reports. Provide Public Safety documents for other Internal UA Departments and External Law Enforcement and Insurance agencies, as requested. Enter data into the UPD Data Computer System for all calls for service/incidents. Securing and documenting Lost & Found property, to include tracking and notification of ownership.
Answer a 16-line phone system, to include blue light Emergency phones and Elevator Emergency phones, and dispatch to appropriate UPD/UAA personnel. Using available resources, dispatch officers and/or parking CTO''s to provide safety, assistance and services to the UAA Community; to include locating faculty, staff and students for Emergency Contacts/Welfare checks and if possible to contact via telephone.
Coordinate and dispatch responses to requests for assistance, to UPD Officers, UAA Community and the general public, while on or near UAA property; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To assist/aide the safety of all UPD officers while on duty.

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