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IACLEA Annual Scholarship Award

IACLEA Annual Scholarship Award

More Info on Scholarship Requirements

The IACLEA Annual Scholarship Award provides an opportunity to reward students employed by the campus security/public safety/police department for their dedication to and hard work at the department and their college/university.  The IACLEA Annual Scholarship Award is given to an individual who demonstrates merit and shows need.

The IACLEA Annual Scholarship is a one-time award of $1,000.00.  The Scholarship check will be payable to the recipient's institution. This assures that the scholarship will be used only for tuition, room, books or other services provided by the institution. Graduating seniors whose college/university expenses have been fully paid by February 1 of the graduating year cannot use the IACLEA Annual Scholarship unless they plan to enter graduate school. The name of the graduate school, to which the check should be payable, must be noted on the application form. If the name of the graduate school isn't known at the time of the application, it should be forwarded to as soon as it is known.

The Scholarship check will be mailed to the recipient's Institutional Representatives during the summer. Details of the Scholarship Award will be published in the July/August Campus Law Enforcement Journal and posted on the IACLEA website.

Recipient's Institutional Representatives will be notified in May of the scholarship award year.

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