The Leading Authority For Campus Public Safety

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

IACLEA is the leading authority for the campus public safety community. For more than 60 years, campus police and public safety experts have collaborated to share successful solutions to shared problems. Today the Association is the leader in campus police and public safety training, advocacy, and collaboration globally.

IACLEA programs and conferences provide opportunities for members to receive top-of-the line training, connect and discuss shared challenges, and devise best practices and strategies.

IACLEA has nearly 4,000 members representing more than 1,000 colleges in 11 countries. Join us!

Member benefits:

IACLEA membership includes a range of benefits, such as:

  • free and discounted training
  • reduced rates for members at IACLEA's highly rated conferences and Leaderhip Institutes
  • extensive communications stream
  • online resource library
  • online discussion board
  • representation before and information from federal law enforcement agencies and higher education partners
  • support to achieve IACLEA Accreditation.
“Networking is the most meaningful aspect of being an IACLEA member for me. The connection with other law enforcement experts across the United States is a vital resource. We discuss proven approaches, mentoring, and brainstorm ideas. Our team really appreciates the training portal as well to ensure that we adhere to best practices. I am happy to be a part of the IACLEA community.” Chief Lesia Finney, Queens University Police Department (North Carolina) 

Join IACLEA to enjoy all we have to offer.

Join to Develop Professionally

  • Gain instant access to a wealth of resources, including model policies, best practices, innovative programs, crime prevention resources, and informative articles, available 24/7 via and IACLEA Connections, the foremost online discussion platform for campus public safety professionals
  • Stay current on trends, key issues, and legislation with the Campus Law Enforcement Journal, three-times-per-week News Digest, quarterly Corporate Partner e-Newsletter and monthly e-Newsletter.
  • Increase your knowledge through learning opportunities such as the Annual Conference & Exposition, regional conferences, Distance Learning Webinars, Emerging Issues trainings, and the Executive Development Institute.

Join to Collaborate and Network

  • Connect and network with peers at regional and annual conferences to share experiences and useful information and building one-on-one relationships
  • Grow your leadership skills through service: participate in committee work, author articles, and engage in strategic initiatives
  • Access the best from your colleagues via IACLEA Connections, the vibrant online networking platform for campus public safety…participate in discussion forums, share resources, and develop contacts with other campus public safety colleagues around the world
  • Share your expertise as a subject matter expert at conferences, Webinars or in the Campus Law Enforcement Journal

Join to Shape Public Policy

  • Make your voice heard on important public policy issues
  • Stay informed about the latest changes in the Clery Act and other laws and regulations that impact campus public safety through government relations updates
  • Actively participate in the shaping of public policy through Capitol Hill Day and other government relations activities

Other Important Reasons to Join

  • Accreditation Program – IACLEA Accreditation of a campus public safety department constitutes recognition that the department conforms to the highest professional standards for campus law enforcement and protective services
  • Peer Review Program (PReP) provides, upon request, assistance in improving the administration, management or operations of a police/public safety/security agency and may aid in implementing improved practices and techniques
  • Corporate Partner Program and Group Purchasing Program – These programs provide access to, information about, and discounts for product and service solutions to help meet professional challenges
  • Awards – Five annual awards are bestowed at the Annual Conference: Innovations in Community Oriented Policing, Administrative Excellence, Merit, Valor, and the Officer Memorial Award
  • Scholarships – Three annual scholarships are offered for students employed by campus public safety agencies at IACLEA member institutions

Membership in IACLEA is open to:

  • sworn or non-sworn colleges, universities and secondary schools throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries
  • individual campus public safety directors and staff
  • criminal justice faculty members
  • municipal chiefs of police
  • companies offering campus law enforcement products and services
  • individuals who support professionalism in campus law enforcement administration

OVW Campus Program Training

IACLEA in partnership with the East Central University’s Safety Training and Technical Assistance for Administrators, Boards, and Law Enforcement (STTAABLE) presents the Office on Violence Against Women’s Campus Program Training. These workshops are currently open and are free for all.