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A Million Thanks to University of Central Florida Police Department

What are the ingredients for an awesome conference? Amazing planning. Fabulous speakers and educational content. Enticing location. Innovative exhibitors. Wonderful delegates.

But the secret ingredient: an outstanding host institution. IACLEA was fortunate to have that for the 60th Annual Conference & Exposition by partnering with the University of Central Florida (UCF) Police Department, in Orlando.

For the past year, the UCF team has worked to ensure a smooth-running conference with lots of special details. For the moving Opening Ceremonies, UCF arranged for the color guard, spectacular vocalists, and chaplain for the conference invocation. They assembled more than 500 giveaway bags with special goodies for attendees; set up the office for IACLEA staff as our “home away from home”; provided gifts to the speakers; and more.

The agency also provided volunteers onsite and at off-site events to ensure a smooth-running conference. They checked badges, distributed materials, updated signage, helped delegates find transportation, and so much more. And through the very long days, they were upbeat and always willing to do more.

IACLEA offers special thanks to our on-the-ground leader Commander Derrick Stockdreher. We also thank Corporal James Roop, Sergeant Christopher Gavette, Commander David Barber, Deputy Chief Brett Meade, Chief Carl Metzger (who assumed command the day the conference started, June 29), and recently Retired Chief Richard Beary, as well as the countless UCF PD volunteers.


It’s a labor of love to serve as the host institution. The University of Central Florida Police Department worked for more than a year hand-in-glove with IACLEA staff to make this conference success. Thank you to the UCF PD for their extraordinary contributions!

All photos courtesy of ©Mike Ritter 2018

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