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Training: The Foundation of Outstanding Performance

By Robert Steadman, Securitas Northeast Region Training and Development Director

Officers who successfully complete the thorough screening process to join a security team quickly learn that state-mandated basic orientation is only the beginning of their training.  While working with an experienced officer or supervisor, new employees receive on-the-job training that provides information about the assigned client site, such as post orders and security systems the site may have in place. Depending on the vertical market or industry, officers may also need to complete additional training required by the client. For instance, officers within the education vertical market must complete training such as CPR/AED/First Aid certification, Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®), Safe Driving Program, and fire and emergency response.

But as security professionals, we encourage officers to never consider their training complete. Our Advanced Certification Training (ACT) provides officers with ongoing training that builds on their security foundation with additional skills and capabilities. Initial topics focus on the fundamentals of being a security guard, while latter topics focus on more complex scenarios, such as workplace violence and substance abuse issues. 

The knowledge officers and supervisors receive as they progress through training not only helps them do their jobs better, but also enhances the safety and security of client sites. With this knowledge, they not only recognize what can be done to improve security, but also recognize the best way to achieve it.

In addition to our training profiles, our personalized development plans help provide a strategy for officers and supervisors to advance as security professionals.

Training Applied on Campus

An emphasis on training has paid dividends at the University of Bridgeport (UB), an IACLEA member institution. 

Despite the campus being located in an urban setting, the student safety record at the university is stellar! In fact, the University of Bridgeport was recently named the #1 Safest College in Connecticut.

April Vournelis, UB’s executive director of campus security, credits the campus safety record, in large part, to the university’s long-term partnership with Securitas USA, as well as local law enforcement agencies. “The officers are trained and qualified, know their jobs, and do them well,” she said.

UB’s security program includes an integrated approach that combines on-site, remote, and mobile guarding that is dispatched from an on-campus security office. UB officers also utilize a unique security tool that pinpoints a student’s location anywhere on campus. When a student’s fob is pressed, a virtual map of the student’s location, a photo of the student, and the student’s cell phone number immediately appear on a monitor within the security office. Once the tool is activated, it continually tracks the path of the student as long as it’s in the student’s possession on campus.

The system has led to an average response time of less than three minutes. Officers credit the system for helping them save the life of a student who suffered a severe allergic reaction in the school gym.

We understand each college and university campus is unique in its mission, environment, and security needs. By partnering with clients and providing officers with a solid training foundation rooted in security, our security programs can help to ensure a high level of proficiency and success in creating a safe and secure campus environment.

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