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Babson College Chief Pollard Earns Award for Excellence

Deputy Chief Erin Carcia and Chief James E. PollardCongratulations to IACLEA’s Northeast Regional Director Chief James E. Pollard of Babson College, who was recently awarded the D. Joseph Griffin Award for Administrative Excellence at the 30th Annual Massachusetts Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (MACLEA) Awards & Recognition Ceremony for Excellence in Higher Education Law Enforcement. This award criteria states that it is presented to a MACLEA member in good standing who has strong leadership skills demonstrated by a successful transition to higher rank and authority, with a strong devotion to campus law enforcement and the community they serve. The recipient has cultivated others to follow in the field of campus policing and is highly respected by their peers.

[in picture: Babson College Deputy Chief of Police, Erin Carcia (left) and Chief James E. Pollard (right)]

Chief John Carter of the Amherst College Public Safety Department nominated Chief Pollard and states, “[Chief Pollard] represents all the qualities that the D. Joseph Griffin Award for Administrative Excellence is meant to symbolize, and it was an honor and a privilege to nominate him for the award.”

Chief Pollard, a former MACLEA president, served with Northeastern University's Public Safety Division in Boston for more than 33 years and spent his last 25 years at Northeastern as a Lieutenant Detective and Commanding Officer of the Special Services Unit. Chief Pollard joined Babson College as the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police in April of 2011 and currently leads the Babson Public Safety Department. Recently he accepted an additional position on the Executive Board of Directors of the Municipal Police Institute in Massachusetts.

Chief Pollard accepting the award“[Chief Pollard] has extended his service to the profession beyond the boundaries of Babson and has given of his time to promote public safety on a national level. All of this points to [his] extraordinary commitment and advocacy for professionalism in all aspects of public safety,” continues Carter. “The energy and enthusiasm that Jim Pollard has for campus public safety are evident the moment he enters the room. To those who know Jim well his integrity, honesty, and a strong sense of ‘doing the right thing’ make him a valued source of consultation."

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