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Texas A&M Chief Mike Ragan Earns TACUPA Award

Congratulations to Texas A&M University’s Chief of Police Michael J. Ragan, the recipient of the Bill G. Daniels Award for Outstanding Police Administrator at the 55th Texas Association of College and University Police Administrators (TACUPA) 2018 Conference. TACUPA presents the Bill G. Daniels Award annually to a police chief or director of security nominated by his or her institution’s president and is selected by the Awards Committee.

“I am pleased to congratulate IACLEA Board Member Chief Mike Ragan for receiving the 2018 Bill G. Daniels Award for Outstanding Police Administrator,” said IACLEA President Paul Ominsky. “With his excellence in service and his dedication to public safety, it’s no surprise he and the Aggie Cops were recognized. Congrats, chief!”

Chief Michael J. Ragan accepting his 2018 award for outstanding administration at the TACUPA Conference.

As director and chief of police since 2013 and a member of University Police Department for the past 33 years, Ragan’s achievements in professionalism, integrity, and commitment to ensuring safety clearly have not gone unnoticed throughout the Texas A&M campus.

Chief Ragan and US Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX-17) give an Aggies “Gig ‘em” thumbs up after their meeting during IACLEA’s Capitol Hill Day 2018. © Andrew Harper, 60iMedia

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