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Past President Perry to Serve on Florida Advisory Committee

Chief David PerryFlorida State University Police Chief David Perry, an IACLEA past president (2014–2015) who remains active in Association educational and professional development initiatives, was recently appointed to serve on Florida Governor Rick DeSantis’ Transition Advisory Committee on Public Safety. Perry is also the current president of the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA), representing police chiefs and law enforcement leaders throughout the state of Florida.

The 45 advisors on the committee will advise the governor’s transition team as they develop their plan to implement DeSantis’ goal of ensuring Florida’s crime rate continues to decline and community safety continues to improve by supporting law enforcement, ensuring justice for victims, and holding government institutions accountable.

“It's an honor to represent Florida's law enforcement chiefs of police and provide a voice to the new administration in the state of Florida regarding the safety of our citizens,” said Perry.  

The committee has discussed issues related to school safety, criminal justice reform, reintegration of persons completing prison sentences, and legislative priorities for the state related to public safety. 

IACLEA President Paul Ominsky found Perry’s selection no surprise. “David Perry is an expert on public safety issues. The state of Florida will be well served by his appointment to this important committee.”

“The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) is honored to have a seat at this important table to work alongside Governor DeSantis’ transition team on matters of public safety,” said FPCA Executive Director Amy Mercer. 

“We are confident that the FPCA’s goal of keeping Floridians safe is consistent with the priorities of Governor DeSantis as our state transitions to new leadership and begins new discussions on how to ensure the safety of all who call Florida home.” -- Amy Mercer


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