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ED Riseling Earns Award from SUNY

The State University of New York (SUNY) System recognized one of its “alumni” during its awards gala at its spring meeting March 23 in Cooperstown, New York. IACLEA Executive Director Sue Riesling earned the award for her remarkable achievements for the campus public safety profession during her three years as Association leader.  The recognition also thanked her for all her accomplishments during her 34-year law enforcement career.

Riseling addressed campus public safety issues during IACLEA’s Congressional Staff Briefing, March 6, 2019.SUNY recognized her extraordinary contributions to IACLEA during her tenure, August 2016 to the present. SUNY recapped the major turnaround of Association operations and programs. She reshaped all Association operations, leading off with ending the contract with the association management firm and hiring staff working exclusively for IACLEA; opening the Association headquarters with easy access to Washington, DC, to raise the visibility of campus public safety issues with federal legislators and law enforcement partners; revamping IACLEA communications; expanding training and other programs. Those changes led to the largest Annual Conference & Exposition in IACLEA's history in 2018, the Association’s 60th anniversary year; a doubling of IACLEA membership, and the establishment of the Global Center for Campus Public Safety.

Riseling’s initial connections to SUNY came when she held multiple leadership positions early in her career at SUNY Stony Brook, serving as associate director, assistant director patrol operations, and assistant director, crime prevention, resident life and training from October 1987 to March 1991.

It wasn’t all glory on the trip, however. Riseling presented to the assembled members information on the Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC), the Averted School Violence database, and, her favorite topic: the value of IACLEA membership!


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