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Iowa State Police Department Earns Award from Campus

Chief Michael Newton Congratulations to IACLEA member Chief Michael Newton and the Iowa State University (ISU) Police Department team for earning the Thomas B. Thielen Award for their hard work, leadership, and steadfast support of Iowa State students and strong partnership with the Division of Student Affairs.

The Thomas B. Thielen Award is named after the man who served as Iowa State University’s vice president for student affairs from 1977–1997. Criteria for the award include faculty or staff member outside the Division of Student Affairs who have been a strong supporter of student success.

Throughout his tenure at Iowa State University, Chief Newton has dedicated his time to fostering strong ties with the Iowa State University community, particularly with the enhancement of its part-time outreach efforts into a substantial team of Engagement and Inclusion Officers (EIOs). With the number of trained EIOs rising, the ISU Police Department has been able to engage more effectively and enhance diversity and inclusion efforts on campus.

Chief Newton and ISU PD participate heavily in new student orientation to promote safety and resources. In every crisis, Chief Newton and his team display the type of care and concern showcasing the dedication of law enforcement, particularly exemplified during a Kneel With Us protest in which Ames and Iowa State University police knelt with protesters.

Chief Michael Newton at "Tailgate with the Cops" event.Iowa State University’s Division of Student Affairs said, “Chief Newton and the ISU PD embody the spirit of what is expected of a Thomas B. Thielen Award recipient. He has shown leadership and partnership that has helped ISU through many crises. More importantly, he sets a tone that ISU PD will be fully engaged in proactive efforts that promote safety, diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well as the overall development of ISU students.

“Chief Newton’s leadership during the COVID-19 crisis and his partnership with departments across campus, especially the Thielen Student Health Center and the Department of Residence, displays the spirit of the award named after the late Dr. Thielen,” continues the statement.

Chief Newton and the Iowa State University Police Department Engagement & Inclusion Officer TeamChief Newton and the Iowa State University Police Department Engagement & Inclusion Officer Team were also recipients of IACLEA's Award for Innovations in Community Policing due to their efficiency responding to growing hate incidents and the concerns of students and employees.

This award is presented to those with outstanding service and initiative supporting the effective promotion of the Community Oriented Policing philosophy.


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