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Not on My Watch Pledge Promises Policing with Integrity and Fairness

Germanna Community College (Virginia) Police Department (GCCPD) officers have taken the Not on My Watch pledge, reaffirming that they adhere to their oath of office in terms of use of force and respect for community members. Officers pledged that they will not violate rights and committed to immediately address any employee or officer whose actions violate an individual’s rights.

Officers wear #NotOnMyWatch wristbands to generate conversations with community members and allow officers to explain the initiative.

GCCPD Chief Craig Branch reports that, so far, the agency has received a lot of positive feedback and words of encouragement from college community members. Several have posted the GCCPD Not On My Watch flyer on their website. The wristbands have been instrumental in generating discussion about the initiative, he said. After receiving several requests, GCCPD is currently exploring the possibility of purchasing additional wristbands to distribute to college community members.

Prior to rolling out this initiative, Chief Branch made the following statement to his officers:

“When we place that badge on our shirts, we all accept an oath to uphold the laws of this country as well as the policies, rules, procedures, and regulations of the college and this great Commonwealth. Furthermore, we also agree to live by the various Codes of Ethics (Law Enforcement, Communications Officer, and Campus Security Officer) upon which work field(s) we have entered.  These are things we should not take lightly, nor dismiss as just words.  The images we have all seen from the George Floyd incident depict something we cannot condone as acceptable.  One man’s actions may have caused the death of another, but the inaction of those that stood alongside are just as complicit.”


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