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IACLEA's New Certificate Program

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IACLEA’s NEW certificate program will cover the fundamental information needed to make a successful transition to leading a campus agency. The curriculum will provide valuable insights into the role of the police and public safety executive in an academic setting, the uniqueness and complexities of colleges and universities, campus culture and student expectations, public relations and how to avoid major pitfalls, strategies for building internal partnerships and robust support, crisis and emergency management, mandatory regulatory compliance, round table with federal partners and how to secure resources, roadmap for the first 180 days, IACLEA’s mentorship team, program review and prioritization process, and more!

Attendees will engage in interactive sessions with high-level subject matter experts and will receive personalized guidance and feedback throughout the program. 

The inaugural course will occur virtually from December 5-7, 2023, and is open to any professional wishing to learn about or advance their career in campus law enforcement and public safety.

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