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Peer Review Program: PReP

Peer Review Program: PReP

IACLEA Peer Review Program: PReP


IACLEA’s Peer Review Program (PReP) offers comprehensive, objective, and confidential assessments of the campus public safety function. IACLEA developed PReP to assess the organizational strengths of campus police/security departments, while identifying opportunities for change and improvement. The service provides high-quality, affordable consulting services to colleges and universities. This unique program utilizes the talents and resources of highly experienced campus law enforcement/security department executives serving as consultants.

The objectives of IACLEA PReP are:

  • To help agency administrators and institutional executives determine how effectively and efficiently their departments are functioning;
  • To objectively recommend improvements of operations and performance;
  • To define standards of professionalism and demonstrate how these standards can be achieved and maintained;
  • To encourage periodic self-assessment and continual improvement;
  • To identify potential liability and aid in mitigating risk; and
  • To build agency member interest and pride in agency operations, performance, goals, and objectives.

The IACLEA PReP survey includes an extensive review and appropriate analysis of the agency’s administration and operations, as well as a written report of the assessment team’s observations, analysis, and recommendations. The report serves as a roadmap to agency excellence. This service is ideal for new, incoming chiefs and directors, administrators seeking an objective overview of a core university function, and long-term agency heads who want counsel from “fresh eyes.” 

The full peer review examines all aspects of campus public safety administration, including:

  • Status and Authority
  • Organization and Management
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Complaint Processing and Internal Discipline
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training
  • Records System
  • Operations and Enforcement
  • Property and Evidence
  • Equipment
  • Communications and Dispatching
  • Parking and Traffic Services
  • Community Interaction
  • Crime Prevention and Physical Security
  • Space and Facilities
  • Clery Act Compliance
  • Emergency Operations Planning and Special Events

About PReP Team Members

The key to a successful program is the competence and quality of the assessors.  To ensure that IACLEA PReP provides a valuable and credible service to those agencies requesting assistance, we have established a diverse pool of subject-matter expects, experienced administrators, trained in the assessment process.

PReP teams generally consist of three members, with one member designated the team leader. The team leader is responsible for the initial communication with the client agency to gather background information, establish a work schedule, divide the workload among team members, plan the exit interview, and submit the final report. Team leaders are senior-level administrators and are only appointed after he/she has accumulated time and experience as a team member.

Every effort is made to create assessment teams that mirror the background of the campus being evaluated. At least two team members will have experience at institutions that are of similar size and structure as the reviewed campus. Similarly, assigned team members will have comparable experience managing a similar public safety agency as the client department. Furthermore, while creating the team composition, IACLEA will try to honor the agency's requests to address diversity issues, or provide assessors from nearby geographic regions.

General qualifications and expertise of assessors include the following:

  • Analytical skills;
  • Ability to recognize and define existing problems;
  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary, professional best practices, including IACLEA Accreditation standards;
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills;
  • A reputation for good judgment, hard work, and integrity; and
  • The ability to deal with a wide range of personality types.

IACLEA PReP assessors' specific criteria include:  

  • Four-year undergraduate degree;
  • Master's degree or equivalent;
  • Ten years of law enforcement and/or security experience or the equivalent;
  • Five years of campus law enforcement/security experience; and
  • Three years of command-level experience in a campus law enforcement/security agency (Captain, Assistant Chief, Chief/Director).

Justify a Peer Review

IACLEA’s Peer Review Program is unique in comparison with other consulting companies in the following ways:

  • IACLEA is a non-profit organization with a commitment to the professional development and training of campus safety administrators—and to the profession, itself;
  • IACLEA’s peer review specializes in the best professional practices, including those required for Accreditation;
  • IACLEA’s peer reviewers possess the experience and expertise to appraise operations and administration;
  • The cost of an IACLEA peer review is significantly lower than the fees imposed by commercial providers.

As a non-profit organization, IACLEA prices its services to cover expenses without charging a large profit margin, as traditional, for-profit consulting companies do. Because we know the pressure on public safety department budgets, we do not press for additional services once the review has been completed. An action plan, with specific recommendations, is provided after the review so the campus public safety staff can make corrections on their own, in many cases without the need of additional consultants or additional funds.

Mitigate risk

Negligence is an ever-expanding area of civil law as victims increasingly attempt to hold the premises owners, and not the actual perpetrators, civilly liable for violations.

For campus public safety agencies, there are three key elements in reducing professional liability. First, an agency should demonstrate compliance with professional standards that reflect the best practices within the profession. Second, compliance with those standards should be thoroughly documented in written directives. Employees must be trained in and held accountable to proscribed policies and procedures. Records of inspections, evaluations, investigations, and analysis must establish a consistent pattern of conformance to the standards. Written policies alone are insufficient if it is customary to violate them. Third, credibility should be established through voluntary participation in self-assessment, an independent review by outsiders, and continuing documentation of compliance.

A thorough and objective assessment by IACLEA PReP can identify and correct weaknesses, improve services, strengthen performance, and reduce risk.

Schedule a Peer Review

Institutions or agencies interested in scheduling a peer review assessment should contact IACLEA.  We will discuss the nature and scope of the assessment, tentative dates for the review, special needs or requests, and planning requirements.


The fee for a full departmental review, with a three-member team for three days onsite, is $15,000 plus expenses, for institutional members. The fee for non-members is $17,000.

Travel, lodging, and per diem expenses for an assessor generally range between $600-$800.  These costs are itemized and billed separately.

Institutions seeking a targeted review, limited in scope, may inquire about special accommodations.  In some cases, a partial review, with restricted areas of inquiry and assessment, may reduce the size of the assessment team and/or the number of days required for the review. Fees for such a modified review may be altered.

For additional information contact: Jerry Murphy, Director of Professional Services

202-618-4545 or


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