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Police Records & Accreditation Manager

Institution name: University of Alaska Anchorage

Title: Police Records & Accreditation Manager

Job location: AK

Job category: Command/Supervisory Staff positions


Posting date: 2023-02-15 00:00:00

End date: 2023-04-30 00:00:00

Position Summary:

Police Records & Accreditation Manager is based in the University Anchorage Police Department. This position reports to the Chief of Police and has a close working relationship with Dean of Students Office and the Office of Equity and Compliance. This position will lead the compliance, records management and accreditation processes within the Police Department. In addition, the candidate assists with coordinating Clery Act compliance at all UAA campuses. The candidate must possess advanced communications, administrative, organizational, computer and coordination skills. The successful candidate must maintain and possess the highest level of confidentiality on all matters. This is a 40-hour per week, 12-month, position.





Federal Compliance CLERY ACT: Coordinates the University Police institutional response to Clery Act Compliance program. Assists with developing the institution’s Clery Compliance policies and procedures & develops corresponding policies within the University Police Department. Assists as appropriate with preparing, publishing, and distributing the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report with the Office of Student Affairs. In conjunction with the applicable offices, assists with development and implementation of Clery Act required policies, programs, and activities. Gathers crime data from various internal and external sources, local law enforcement agencies, the state police or any law enforcement agency as required by the Clery Act. Consolidates relevant data from these sources with information and policies from across University departments. Coordinates with the appropriate campus departments to ensure compliance with HEA Fire Safety regulations. Works with Patrol officers and Dispatcher to ensure proper classification of crime incident reports in compliance with State of Alaska statutes, Federal Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) / National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) / U.S. Department of Education Clery Act requirements. Assists University Police with the institution’s Timely Warning Report program. Collaborates with the Division of Emergency Management, Office of Communications and the Incident Management Team to ensure compliance with the “Emergency Notification” requirements of the Clery Act. Collaborate with the Division of Emergency Management to ensure that at least test is completed each year that includes all required components to meet the HEOA definition of a test. Assist with training key institutional stakeholders on Clery Act requirements Ensures University Police maintains accurate records on security awareness and crime prevention programs and presentations. Coordinates with State Land Management Office and Risk Management to maintain an accurate list of buildings and properties owned and/or controlled by the institution. Help develop the University Police Patrol Jurisdiction Map in compliance with the Clery Act. Ensures compliance with the daily crime and fire log requirements, including collecting information from Residence Life, Dean of Students Office, and other Campus Security Authorities (as defined by the Clery Act), posting the logs in a public area. Serves as the Records Custodian for all University Police Department Clery Act-associated records. Serves as the Recording Secretary for the Clery Act Management Committee. Works with the Office of Student Affairs and/or Human Resources to ensure compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Safe Campuses regulations. Stays abreast of pending and final changes to the Clery Act and other laws or regulations affecting Clery Act provisions. Assists with submitting annual crime statistics to the Department of Education, as required and University of Alaska Statewide; University of Alaska Anchorage, University Police Departmental policies. Obtain and remain compliant with national certification program regarding the Clery Act. Other duties as assigned.
National Police Accreditation, Records Management Accreditation Participates in policy and procedure development to help ensure accuracy, consistency and clarity in administrative manuals. Edits policies, procedures and other materials for manuals. Researches sources cited in policies and procedures. Assists department personnel in identifying conflicting policies and procedures to resolve conflicts and revise manuals accordingly. Meets regularly with the Chief and key employees to identify needs and report progress on accreditation efforts. Provides liaison with the selected accreditation body for all accreditation matters. Provides liaison with the University Accreditation or Compliance office. Keep abreast of all aspects of the accreditation process, including proposed changes or amendments to the standards, assessing the impact of changes on current policies and procedures of the agency. Provides related training for agency employees. Assigns, directs and coordinates groups of employees to achieve plans of action, recommendation to Chief and other activities that meet compliance with applicable accreditation standards.
Records Management / Police Custodian of Records: Serve as departmental custodian of records; prepare declarations; respond to subpoenas for department records; appear in court on behalf of the department as required. Establish schedules and methods for providing records management services; identify resource needs; review needs with appropriate management staff; allocate resources accordingly. Develops records maintenance policies and procedures; develops and implements a storage plan that includes both physical and digital storage, storage of confidential and sealed records and the destruction and archiving of older records in conformance with legal standards and limitations; coordinates records access and requests and release of information in response to Freedom of Information / Public Records access. Retrieve and disseminate records information to department staff, outside law enforcement agencies and the public in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Highly organized. Strong written and oral communication skills are vital. Will manage all police files, including accident reports and public information requests. Will assist other officers, dispatchers, supervisors with records management needs and occasional audit. Maintain an electronic and hardcopy files of accident, incident, case reports reports and be in charge of retrieving police information from a computer database whenever needed Obtain files from other police and law enforcement agencies as required or to assist other UPD employees. Monitor legal and procedural developments related to law enforcement records. Direct and coordinate criminal record sealing and purging of documents pursuant to court orders. Will interact with the public when requesting police records, needs good interpersonal skills, including patience and the ability to listen. Must successfully complete and maintain, personal records management certification requirements.

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