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Prep for Accreditation On-Site Assessment

Event Details

Location: Online
Type: Webinar
Timezone: EST
Start Date: April 19, 2018, 1:00 pm
End Date: April 19, 2018, 2:30 pm

Webinar Overview

This 90 minute workshop will discuss ways in which a campus police department can prepare for the initial and re-accreditation assessors' visit. Having a perfect on-site assessment is no small accomplishment. However, there are some simple steps your agency can take to ensure that the assessment runs smoothly and relatively error-free. IACLEA accreditation staff and assessors understand what a special event having an on-site assessment is and that it can be overwhelming and disruptive to an agency. The goal is to provide you with some pointers that will ensure everyone at the agency is prepared and able to provide the assessors with the answers they need to ensure a successful assessment.


Topics to be covered:

  • Setting up a 12 month time line
  • Agency-wide Buy-In
  • Are your files ready?
  • Scheduling a Mock Assessment
  • Delegating responsibilities (Ride alongs, static, Com Center, CID, Property and Evidence)
  • Planning the Static Display
  • Planning the agency tour
  • Communication with Assessment team
  • Hospitality
  • Understanding the beginning and exit interviews


 Target Audience:

Accreditation Managers and Teams

CEOs/Chiefs/Deans/VPs in the law enforcement accreditation process

Any personnel that will be assisting with the accreditation assessment



Margaret "Peg" Gant

Police Accreditation Specialist

University of North Texas Police Department


 Peg Gant will begin her 44th year in and around law enforcement beginning in 2018. She worked in a sworn capacity for 12 years, and in law enforcement accreditation for 25 years. Peg spent almost eight years as a Program Manager for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). She managed over 200 agencies in the CALEA accreditation process, and also served as a trainer for "Preparing for an Onsite", "Accreditation Manager", "Assessor Training", and other topics at the three annual CALEA conferences.

 In 2005, Peg accepted the position of Executive Director for the Commission on Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. (CFA). During her tenure at CFA, she and her staff collaborated with the Florida Inspector Generals to create and implement the nation's first Inspector General Accreditation Program. In addition, Peg and the CFA staff, collaborated with PowerDMS, a software development company, to develop the first commercially successful, web-based accreditation management program, rendering paper files obsolete. (NOTE: CALEA adopted this program as their only accreditation management tool in 2015; IACLEA also uses the PowerDMS accreditation program.)

 In 2011, Peg accepted the position of Manager over the Florida Highway Patrol's accreditation, policy, and staff inspection, successfully completing the first Airborne Law Enforcement Association Accreditation (ALEACC) for a state airborne law enforcement unit in February 2012.

 Peg officially retired from the State of Florida in March 2013 and moved back to Texas and family, but boredom brought her back to work when she accepted the position at the University of North Texas Police Department in June of 2014. Peg intends to work as long as accreditation remains a passion for her. She enjoys being an assessor and Team Leader for IACLEA, and looks forward to every training opportunity.

 Peg earned her BS in Public Administration from Barry University, Miami, Florida, and completed the Florida Criminal Justice Institute's Chief Executive Training, Class #40.


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