The Leading Authority For Campus Public Safety

Shaping the Future of Policing & Public Safety

Shaping the Future of Policing & Public Safety

The policing profession is experiencing intense examination by a range of stakeholders, and IACLEA sought to lead the discussion and support members’ efforts to engage in police reform discussions at the campus, state, and local levels. IACLEA: Shaping the Future of Policing & Public Safety offers a range of events and resources to support this effort.

In this section are resources, access to summit recordings, and IACLEA’s Commitment to Higher Education, Campus Policing, and Safety (below).  We hope this information is useful as you engage with your campus stakeholders and consider your response to calls for change.

IACLEA convened five summits exploring key issues in contemporary policing. A panel of experts headlined each summit (presented virtually) held September – January. Topics were:

  • Trust and Legitimacy. September 24, 2020
  • Policy and Accountability. October 22, 2020
  • Re-Imagining Training and Education. November 19, 2020
  • Officer Safety and Wellness. December 17, 2020 - Sponsored by Genetec
  • The Ever-Changing Role of Police and Public Safety. February 18, 2021 - Sponsored by Genetec

Recordings are free to IACLEA members. There is a $75 charge for non-members. (The September event is free to all.)




IACLEA: A Commitment to Higher Education,

Campus Policing, and Safety 2020–2021

 Campus police and public safety agencies support the values found within higher education and that are embraced within their campus communities.  Those values include advancing learning; fostering acceptance and respect for others; and cultivating a community of trust and care.  IACLEA also commits itself to these values.  

As the leading authority in campus public safety, IACLEA strives to continuously improve the campus policing and public safety profession and the standards by which it operates and holds itself accountable. 

For our 2020–‘21 membership year, IACLEA’s programs and services will center on five core objectives that will support IACLEA members in their mission to serve and protect their campus communities: 

1:  Share Knowledge

We recognize that academic communities are the well-spring for innovation and the advancement of new ideas that positively transform lives and society.  IACLEA and its members serve as both campus police and public safety professionals and as leaders in higher education, to inspire and serve as examples to others….to advance teaching and the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and experiences, both within and outside the campus police and public safety profession.

2:  Foster Community Engagement

IACLEA and its members are committed to the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, families, and visitors to our campus communities.  We continuously seek to advance a climate of trust, dignity, care, and respect.  IACLEA supports all campus police and public safety agencies by advocating and encouraging community-oriented policing practices and community engagement. Campus police must be engaged, approachable, listeners, and present in the campus community to build constructive and meaningful relationships with students and advocacy groups.  Doing so fosters understanding, acceptance, and student well-being.

3:  Promote Transparency

Academic freedom demands the open exchange of ideas and transparency. To this end, wherever possible and where lawful, we support the publication and ease of access to policies, data, and information that aids campus communities in understanding the activities of campus police and public safety agencies, and the manner in which they operate and conduct enforcement.  Doing so encourages questions and freedom of debate that ultimately demonstrates the commitment and improves professional policies and standards of conduct.

4: Expand Learning Opportunities

To advance the safety and well-being of a diverse campus community, we advocate for the continuous and regular training and development of public safety officers and leadership.  We advocate that officer training--to include de-escalation training, crisis intervention, mental health, trauma-informed policing, among other areas--be incorporated into all aspects of police and public safety officer training programs to include technical skills training.  IACLEA also strongly advocates for officer safety and wellness initiatives, as public safety and law enforcement is an increasingly stressful and dangerous occupation. 

5:  Advance Globally Recognized Policies, Procedures, and Standards

IACLEA advocates for the acceptance and use of globally recognized campus police and public safety policies, procedures, and standards.  IACLEA publishes and maintains over 200 standards that it requires of campus police and public safety agencies to attain IACLEA Accreditation and to promote excellence in the field. 

Member Resources

CONNECTIONS is IACLEA's member community featuring peer networking and a full library of resources for the betterment of campus public safety.