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Surveillance Operations Monitor

Institution name: University of Southern California

Title: Surveillance Operations Monitor

Job location: CA

Job category: Command/Supervisory Staff positions


Posting date: 2022-10-07 00:00:00

End date: 2022-12-31 00:00:00


  • Conducts Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) monitoring and surveillance of public areas for security purposes.
  • Responds to Public Safety personnel requests to observe and track criminal or suspicious activity during active investigations.
  • Monitors access control systems, fire, life and intrusion alarms via multiple computer systems and programs.
  • Documents records of all incidents and actions taken in Computer Aided Dispatch system and SharePoint.
  • Writes and prepares daily logs and reports.
  • Extracts appropriate evidential records (video and photograph) from security systems to be used in investigative cases.
  • Liaises with Public Safety personnel, Los Angeles Police Department, and other agencies to ensure the appropriate use of the security systems during investigations.
  • Testifies in court as a subject matter expert and representative of the Department of Public Safety.
  • Observes and identifies individuals involved in criminal or suspicious activity on university owned or managed property or in the surrounding community.
  • Assists Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies in investigating criminal or suspicious activity.
  • Serves as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and mandatory reporter under the Clery Act based on university responsibilities. Has responsibility and is required to receive reports of crimes or criminal incidents from victims of crimes and/or third parties; notifies Department of Public Safety immediately of any reported serious crime or criminal incidents that indicates the presence of an ongoing threat to the university community; and notifies the Clery Compliance Coordinator in the Department of Public Safety.


Must be able to work varied days and shifts: 8 or 10 hours per day, 40 hours per week. Must be able to report for work in case of emergencies.


The following are the steps that you will have to go through during the selection process. Successful completion of all steps in the selection process is required.

  • Application – All applicants must complete the online employment application and submit a resume and cover letter. 
  • Test – The test consists of  Reading Comprehension, Integrity and Geography.
  • Interview – The interview will be conducted by a panel to assess your knowledge, education, experience, and general ability to successfully perform in the position.
  • Psychological Evaluation – The psychological evaluation consists of an individual oral interview and evaluation by a licensed psychologist on factors related to successful performance in the job.
  • Medical Exam – The medical exam consists of a job related pre-placement physical exam which includes a drug test, TB skin test, hearing and vision testing.
  • Background Screening – The background screening is conducted by HireRight, a third-party administrator and will include criminal background check, SSN Trace, Motor Vehicle Record, National Sex Offender Registry, employment verification, Education and Military Service.

Minimum Education: High school or equivalent Minimum Experience: 2 years Minimum Field of Expertise: Knowledge of Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) and alarm monitoring. Knowledge of standard methods, technology and procedures utilized to conduct video surveillance. Working knowledge of computer systems and programs. Possess excellent hand-to-eye coordination and computer skills. Ability to operate computer assisted communications equipment. Must be able to work under pressure and exercise good judgment in emergency conditions. Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely, oral and in writing.


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