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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

IACLEA offers customized technical assistance (TA) programs to campus public safety agencies across the world. IACLEA’s TA services vary in length and scope, and frequently involve on- and off-site work. 

Agencies typically request IACLEA’s technical assistance in developing and implementing cutting-edge practices and approaches to critical issues the agencies face or that are impacting campus public safety. IACLEA helps agencies identify and implement model policies and practices based on IACLEA members’ knowledge of current research and the latest innovations in campus public safety.

IACLEA employs a flexible framework to address its clients’ specific needs. Based on an initial consultation, IACLEA presents assistance options and works with the agency to identify the approach, services, and timeframe that will best meet its needs.

Based on the scope of work identified, IACLEA professional staff and subject matter experts will conduct in-depth assessments of agency resources, provide comprehensive recommendations, work with the agency to implement changes or new initiatives, and assess outcomes.

Technical assistance requests may be related to specific policies, practices, training programs, or crime challenges, or may address an issue or need that requires a review of policies and practices in a variety of the agency’s areas of operations. Areas in which IACLEA provides technical assistance include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Developing and Implementing Programs
  • Developing Organizational Units
  • Implementing a Written Directive System
  • Staff Development
  • Integrated Continuous Compliance
  • Tabletops and Exercises


For additional information, please contact IACLEA Director of Professional Services Jerry Murphy at or  (202) 618-4545.


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