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Non-Escalation, De-Escalation and Crisis Intervention Training For Campus Public Safety Professionals

Vistelar is a consulting and training institute focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact — from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction is managed.

We are proud to be IACLEA’s conflict management training partner.

Vistelar offers a wide range of training programs and consulting services that address how to:

  • Predict, prevent and mitigate conflict
  • Avert verbal and physical attacks
  • De-escalate conflict
  • Control crisis and aggression
  • Handle physical violence
  • Provide better customer service

The results for a campus are reduced complaints, use-of-force incidents, and liabilities, as well as improved customer satisfaction and team morale.

Vistelar provides its training via speaking engagements, workshops, and instructor schools — using both live and online methods of instruction.


Phone: 877-690-8230



OVW Campus Program Training

IACLEA in partnership with the East Central University’s Safety Training and Technical Assistance for Administrators, Boards, and Law Enforcement (STTAABLE) presents the Office on Violence Against Women’s Campus Program Training. These workshops are currently open and are free for all.