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IACLEA Announces 4th Annual International Exchange Participants

Since 2013, IACLEA, has held three successful International Exchange Programs, with the purpose of educating members on the operations of campus public safety agencies globally, as well as developing relationships between institutions across the world.

Later this year, IACLEA will hold its 4th annual exchange in partnership with AUCSO (the Association of University Chief Security Officers) an organization that represents security professionals employed at universities, colleges and institutions of higher education in the UK and Europe.

"I am pleased to announce that the 2016 IACLEA representative will be Jay Gruber, Chief of Police at Georgetown University in Washington, D. C.," stated Raymond Wheatley, International Director. Wheatley added, "Chief Gruber will participate in the exchange with Richard Sheridan, Assistant Security Manager at Queens University Belfast, one of the UK's leading research universities."

Each year, the number of applications from IACLEA members grows, and IACLEA is proud to offer this unique opportunity to its members.


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