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Management Services

Management Services

IACLEA offers comprehensive, objective, and confidential management services to advance the campus public safety function. We provide high-quality, affordable management services to colleges and universities. IACLEA’s services can assess:

  • The extent to which public safety philosophy, objectives, and operations conform to the expectations of institutional administrators and students.
  • An agency's ability to cope with the rapidly changing cultural and technological environment of campus public safety.
  • How well an agency is incorporating contemporary public safety policies, practices, and programmatic innovations, as well as professional standards, including those required for Accreditation. 

IACLEA relies upon a diverse pool of subject-matter experts, experienced campus law enforcement and security agency administrators, and professional staff, all with extensive experience providing assistance to campus public safety agencies. IACLEA makes every effort to create assessment teams that mirror the background of the campus being evaluated.

IACLEA’s management services are unique. IACLEA is a non-profit organization committed to the professional development and training of campus safety administrators—and to the profession itself. As a non-profit organization that understands the pressures on public safety agency budgets, IACLEA prices its services to cover expenses without adding a large profit margin. 


For additional information, please contact IACLEA Director of Professional Services Jerry Murphy at or (202) 618-4545. 

Member Resources

CONNECTIONS is IACLEA's member community featuring peer networking and a full library of resources for the betterment of campus public safety.