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Rebuilding Trust and Demanding Accountability

Rebuilding Trust and Demanding Accountability

Rebuilding Trust and Demanding Accountability



IACLEA is leading the discussion and supporting members’ efforts to engage in police reform discussions both within the campus and with outside municipal and state counterparts. The murder of George Floyd is a catalyst for law enforcement to begin the process of rebuilding relationships with all people, especially underrepresented and marginalized groups. 

IACLEA knows the importance of building and rebuilding lasting relationships. Because of the unique nature of campus public safety, our communities change every year. Every year trust and understanding must be built anew.

Through IACLEA’s accreditation process, campus safety departments can demonstrate their own commitment to these ideals. IACLEA and its member departments value the advancement of learning, fostering acceptance and respect and cultivating a community of trust, care and understanding. When officers anywhere misuse their authority, the effects are felt everywhere, both within law enforcement and, most importantly, in the communities that feel victimized by this injustice. IACLEA values the need for accountability and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. 


What Is Needed:

  • Policies implemented on the value of Community Oriented Policing Standards.
  • Expansion of and access to training on community policing and community engagement. 
  • Best practices for building and maintaining relationships between campus and local/municipal police departments.
  • Acknowledged standards and best practices for maintaining and updating policies and procedures.
  • Best practices for promoting officer accountability and the use of officer discipline when necessary.
  • Voluntary Accreditation based on these standards.
  • Incentives for collaboration between traditionally underrepresented groups and persons on campus.
  • Improved transparency and communications with students and all campus stakeholders.
  • Increased funding and access to training and field training, especially in areas requested by community members ( i.e., duty-to-intervene and de-escalation tactics).

Member Resources

CONNECTIONS is IACLEA's member community featuring peer networking and a full library of resources for the betterment of campus public safety.