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Committees & Task Forces

Committees & Task Forces

Committee work is the lifeblood of IACLEA. Each year IACLEA committee members recognize excellence and bestow awards, carry out our advocacy work, recruit leaders, plan our Annual Conference, and so much more. Committee service is a great way to contribute to the Association while meeting peers and gaining useful experience. Institutional and Professional members at all command levels are invited and encouraged to join an IACLEA Committee. Members that see a gap in committee charges and current needs in the profession are welcome to present a charter for a new committee or Task Force to the Association President & Board of Directors for consideration. 


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Accreditation Commission

Chair: Assistant Director Jessica Luedke (2020), Medical College of Wisconsin

Staff Liaison:  Jerry Murphy, Director of Professional Services

Board Liaison: Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief of Police August Washington (2020), Vanderbilt University

Charge: Oversee the implementation and administration of the Accreditation Program.

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Annual Conference Education

Chair: Chief Steven Kaufman (2022), Schoolcraft College

Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Welsh, Director of Meetings & Events, and Josh Bronson, Director of Training

Board Liaison: Associate Vice President of Safety & Security Eric Heath (2020), University of Chicago

Charge: Develop the education program for the Annual Conference. Select the speakers for the General Sessions and workshops.


Awards and Recognition

Chair: Deputy Chief Randy Richardson (2021), Biola University

Staff Liaison: Jerry Murphy, Director of Professional Services

Board Liaison: Chief Mike Ragan (2020), Texas A&M University - College Station

Charge: Solicit, review and select nominees for IACLEA awards. Recommend new criteria and awards to the Board of Directors.


Bylaw Task Force

Co-Chair: Chief John Ojeisekhoba, Biola University

Co-Chair: Chief (ret.) Jack Moorman

Staff & Board Liaison: John Bernhards, IACLEA Executive Director

Charge: Review the existing IACLEA Association Bylaws and make recommendations for improvement to the IACLEA Board of Directors. 



Chair: Lieutenant Danny Weigel (2023), University of North Dakota

Staff Liaison:  Gwen Fitzgerald, Director of Communications

Board Liaison: Chief Helen Haire (2022), University of Northern Iowa

Charge: Oversee and coordinate the Association’s external communications strategies and programs to include prepared position statements, press releases and a current cadre of subject matter experts.


Corporate Partner Advisory

Chair: Vacant

Staff Liaison:  Elizabeth Welsh, Director of Meetings & Events

Board Liaison: Chief Jim Pollard (2020), Babson College

Charge: Provide feedback to the Association on the operation of the Corporate Partnership Program. Suggest new marketing strategies, and communication/technology enhancements to increase value. 


Domestic Preparedness

Chair: AVP Eric Plummer (2020), University of North Dakota

Staff Liaison: Altmann Pannell, Director of Government & External Relations

Board Liaison: Vacant

Charge: Identify emerging trends and best practices in campus preparedness for man-made and natural disasters.


Education and Learning

Chair: Director Lewis Eakins (2021), Idaho State University

Staff Liaison: Josh Bronson, Director of Training

Board Liaison: Director Pat Patton (2021), University of Regina

Charge: Develop, monitor and deliver topical training workshops to be sponsored by IACLEA or in partnership with other professional associations in person and via the web and emerging technologies.



Chair: Director David Tedjeske (2020), Villanova University

Staff Liaison: Deana Burke, CFO & Director of Finance & Administration

Board Liaison: John Bernhards, Executive Director

Charge: Oversee the Association’s budget and financial management; report to the membership.

Committee Makeup: Per IACLEA's bylaws, the Finance Committee is to be chaired by the Association's Vice President for Finance. The members of the committee must include the Immediate Past President, the President-Elect, and two additional board members. The Association's President and Executive Director also serve on this committee as ex-officio members. 

Committee Members of the 2019-20 Finance Committee: Executive Director Paul Ominsky (Immediate Past President) of Princeton University, Chief Helen Haire of the University of Northern Iowa, AVP Eric Heath (President-Elect) of the University of Chicago, Chief John Ojeisekhoba of Biola University, Director David Tedjeske (Vice President fo Finance) of Villanova University, AVP/Chief John Vinson of the University of Washington-Seattle (President, ex-officio member), and IACLEA Executive Director John Bernhards (ex-officio). 


Future Leaders in Public Safety

Co-Chair: Crime Prevention Officer Aerin Washington-Ritch (2021), Tennessee State University

Co-Chair: Lieutenant of Operations Jon-Michael McDaniel (2021), Oregon State University

Staff Liaison: 

Board Liaison: Chief Terri Brown (2020), Florida State University

Committee Charge: Develop structures and opportunities among established and rising campus public safety leaders to collaborate and share expertise for the mutual benefit of all officers within an agency


Government Relations

Chair: Security Operations Manager Michael Murphy (2020), The Rockefeller University

Staff Liaison: Altmann Pannell, Director of Government & External Relations

Board Liaison: AVP & Chief Patrick Ogden (2021), University of Delaware

Charge: Monitor and respond to proposed and enacted legislation affecting campus public safety in the United States and Canada; establish and maintain appropriate governmental and inter-organizational liaisons; develop programs to help member agencies respond to federal regulations affecting crime data and compliance with crime awareness laws. 


Leadership Development

Chair & Board Liaison: Executive Director Paul Ominsky (2020), Princeton University

Staff Liaison: 

Charge: Identify candidates from the membership for nomination to vacant positions on the board of directors.

Committee Makeup: Per IACLEA's bylaws, the Leadership Development Committee is to be chaired by the Association's Immediate Past President. The members of the committee must include one additional board member that is not eligible to run for a position in this election cycle and five members at large. 

Committee Members for the 2019-20 Election Cycle: Deputy Chief Melissa Fielding of University of Virginia (2020), Deputy Superintendent Wayne James (2020) of Indiana University (Director-at-Large), AVP Paul Ominsky (2020) of Princeton University, Captain Michael Pring (2022) of Vanderbilt University, Chief Jeff Talbott (2020) of University of Redlands, Chief Edgar Rodriguez (2022) of Quinnipiac University, and Director Adrian Wiggins (2021) of Stockton University. 


Membership Development & Retention

Chair: AVP John DeAngelis (2022), Teachers College at Columbia University

Staff Liaison:  Deana Burke, CFO & Director of Finance & Administration

Board Liaison: Chief Jim Pollard (2020), Babson College

Charge: Stimulate IACLEA membership growth. Provide resources, networking opportunities, and mentoring relationships to equip new members to adapt to the rigors of campus public safety. 



Co-Chair: Executive Director of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Bill Bessette (2021), College of Southern Maryland

Co-Chair: Chief Victor Clay (2021), CalTech

Staff Liaison: Josh Bronson, Director of Training

Board Liaison: Chief John Ojeisekhoba (2021), Biola University

Charge: Develop strategies, services, and guidelines for supporting the mission of non-sworn members as they fulfill their public safety roles. 


Regional Task Force

Chair: Chief Michael Ragan, Texas A&M University - College Station (2020)

Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Welsh, Director of Meetings & Events

Charge: Determine how IACLEA can help regions streamline the process of scheduling, planning, and executing regional conferences. 


Strategic Planning Task Force

Chair: AVP John Vinson, University of Washington-Seattle

Staff Liaison: John Bernhards, IACLEA Executive Director

Charge: Utilize the findings from a comprehensive member needs assessment survey to establish a draft, three-year strategic plan, for review and approval by the IACLEA Board of Directors prior to the IACLEA 2020 Annual Conference & Exposition. 


Two-Year Institutions

Chair: Vacant

Staff Liaison:  Altmann Pannell, Director of Government & External Relations

Board Liaison: Chief John Ojeisekhoba (2021), Biola University

Charge: Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors new programs, training, and services designed specifically for two-year institutions.


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