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Online Education Center

Online Education Center

IACLEA in mid-June released its new virtual training platform, the Online Education Center (OEC). Now the centerpiece of IACLEA’s year-round training offerings, the Online Education Center is IACLEA’s new tool to provide campus public safety and police personnel with a low-cost, easy-access training option. Given that no campus public safety/police schedule is normal, the OEC was designed for 24/7, 365 days a year learning. The OEC will also allow for greater participation in the training program among IACLEA members outside the United States.



The Online Education Center will debut the new Campus Public Safety Officer Institute curriculum, which will provide basic knowledge relevant for all campus public safety officers. While still in development, the course will be approximately 40 hours and include topics such as de-escalation, professionalism, patrol techniques, gender-based violence response, and compliance (Clery, Title IX, etc.). The OEC will allow IACLEA to offer basic skills at a time when training is more important than ever—and travel is more difficult than ever. Certificates will be issued for each class; one additional certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the full course.

Additionally, through a partnership with East Central University (Oklahoma) and the Office on Violence Against Women, IACLEA will provide a series of classes via the OEC covering gender-based violence and trauma-informed response. These classes will be free and will provide a good base level of knowledge prior to in-person training resuming.


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