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Executive Director's Message, December 2017

From the Desk of the Executive Director

The End of 2017

By Sue Riseling, Executive Director

As we end the year, IACLEA staff will convene at headquarters to finalize our plans for 2018. Just 16 months ago, IACLEA hired me to be its first employee. At that time, we were with management company Association Resources, in West Hartford, Connecticut. In these last 12 months we have:

  • grown in membership by 1,500 people
  • increased corporate partners from six to ten
  • hired new staff; in fact, Maddie Gosser, the second-ever staff person for IACLEA, joined us on December 18, 2016. All the rest have less than one year on the IACLEA job!

Additionally, we:

  • moved our headquarters
  • redid the app and the website
  • modified the Annual Conference & Exposition program
  • revamped and expanded our training program…and so much more.

As 2017 ends, we know a lot was accomplished for our members, and we look forward to a busy 2018. 

Here’s a preview:

New Sections─IACLEA will launch two new sections in January 2018. 

(new) Investigators Section─This section will be for investigators who belong to IACLEA member institutions. There will be special trainings geared toward investigations. A special online community will be established so investigators may share questions, concerns, and information with each other directly. The first investigations-focused training is in January and will deal with sexual assault and trauma informed investigations. In July 2018 there will be an entire conference devoted to investigators for section members. 

(new) Public Information Officers (PIO) Section─This section will be for public information officers─full- or part-time─who belong to member institutions. In many departments the function of public information is a part-time, “extra duty” added to those who are public safety officers, crime prevention officers─or the one who happens to answer the phone when the media calls!!  There will be special training and information geared toward campus public information sharing, working with university communications departments, local media, social media, and other communication mediums. Special online trainings, along with a professional instruction manual, will be available to section members.

(new) IACLEA Connections will be completely redesigned and reorganized, and the upgraded interface will debut in January. Following the launch of the new on September 1, IACLEA Connections was next up for an overhaul. You will be able to more easily access useful information and resources. The interface will be more attractive and easier to navigate. The Resource Libraries will be reorganized so that current and archival information is clearly marked and more readily accessible. We urge you to visit Connections via, in addition to reading the discussion group emails you receive daily in your inbox.  

Keeping the International in IACLEA

President David Bousquet feels very strongly about keeping the “I” in International for IACLEA.  President Bousquet traveled to South Africa in September 2017 and represented IACLEA at CAMPROSA, the Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa. Right now, he has plans to attend a meeting in England in April. Last summer, then-President Burba attended the Canadian regional conference. It is important to the Board and the Association that we reach across national borders and keep current on the world of campus public safety. 


Happy Holidays to everyone throughout our membership in 15 countries around the world. Just about every nation on Earth celebrates some holiday this time of year. Whether it is the winter solstice, religious celebrations or simply New Year─almost every nation pauses to take stock of progress made and life’s lessons. We at IACLEA will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day for celebration and observance!  Otherwise we will be here for you and your staff.  

Member Resources

CONNECTIONS is IACLEA's member community featuring peer networking and a full library of resources for the betterment of campus public safety.