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Executive Director's Report July 2018: Oh, What a Year!

Thank you, Mr. President. Good morning, IACLEA members….

We have a lot to report:

We held our most successful Capitol Hill Day this past March, conducting more than 70 meetings with Members of Congress or their legislative staff. And a follow-up advocacy campaign to pass the Sean Collier Act, which would provide federal line-of-duty death benefits to the families of fallen officers from private institutions is gaining serious momentum. 

Through IACLEA’s work with federal agencies, an increased number of sensitive law enforcement only materials have been cleared for distribution to ALL IACLEA member agencies—sworn and non-sworn.

Corporate Partners: We welcome all forms of sponsorship, but our Corporate Partners are the organizations who support IACLEA 24/7 365. Without their support, we could not provide our extensive services. Vistelar and NACCOP joined IACLEA’s corporate partner ranks since the last conference.

This conference is 23% larger in number of delegates than our 2017 conference and is our largest ever!  We also enlisted the largest number of exhibitors at 103 and the largest number of booths 117!

We began a section aimed at Investigators.  We have partnered with the Campus and University Police Investigators Conference (CUPIC) to present that annual conference July 31st- August 2nd. If you have investigators in your department, please sign them up for this section.  

Today I can announce the opening of a Public Information Officers Section.  Whether your PIO responsibilities in your department are a fulltime or part time responsibility… or in some cases just an add on – “other duties as assigned” we think this section will help everyone who has public information needs. Watch for this Section to open in August. 

We have planned our training calendar into 2019…and in some cases beyond…so that you and your staff can plan your budgets to be able to attend IACLEA trainings. We rolled out a new offering this spring: Sexual Assault: A Trauma Informed Approach, and we will roll out more new training this fall. 

Our Communications have been revamped: our website, our IACLEA mobile APP, Connections, the News Digest, our email templates and our quarterly Corporate Partner e-Newsletter have all been redesigned, reformatted and the content improved.  Additionally, we renamed and redesigned the monthly e-Newsletter and made it The IACLEA Bulletin

The six times a year Campus Law Enforcement Journal has been redesigned and its content revamped.

Facebook and Twitter are standard communications vehicles to share Association and member information and news.

We now use a tool that provides readership metrics, so we can analyze which information is the most useful to you.

Membership:  we have simplified the membership categories, revised the Join page on our website, streamlined dues processing and expanded payment methods. And guess what? We have reached a new milestone: 4,000 members. 

So, we set our sights on a new membership goal – to reach 5,000 members.  We are offering you incentives to help us reach that goal. Together we will achieve 5,000 members.  The IACLEA Board, Committee members, staff, and other volunteers will continue to grow the Association. Every day we make significant strides to improve and enhance your IACLEA member benefits. And we work constantly to make them more easily available to you and your staff.

We hope you have recognized and used these offerings.

We prepared this new video to use in recruitment efforts.  We hope you will share it in your professional networks and encourage others to join IACLEA. [ Watch the video. ]

Thank you and ALWAYS FORWARD.

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