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IACLEA Women Leaders are #Drivingchange for Safety

Anne Glavin, an IACLEA past president and current chief of police at California State University Northridge, and Yvonne Meyer, IACLEA director at large and chief of police/senior director of campus public safety at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois, represented the Association on August 15 at a meeting with Uber.

During the day-long event, Uber executives sought insights from the assembled women law enforcement representatives and shared their views on gender-related violence, with the goal of #drivingchange. The company is eager to increase collaboration between the public and private sector to achieve this goal.

Meyer and Glavin, with other law enforcement leaders, spent a day working with #Uber's teams on gender-based violence prevention, awareness, and ways to continue working together. "It’s encouraging to know a corporation like Uber isn’t staying silent on an important global issue. Thank you for an inspiring day," said Meyer.

Glavin concurred and said, “It was fascinating to work with a company that was very much interested in transparency and incident response. Inviting law enforcement executives in for a discussion on sexual assault prevention and related matters was an excellent move on Uber’s part and great teamwork.”


Chiefs Anne Glavin and Yvonne Meyer represented IACLEA at a meeting on preventing gender-based violence with other law enforcement and Uber executives.


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