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Debut First-Line Supervisor Institute Course is First-Rate

Hosted by the University of Maryland-College Park Police Department on January 8–11, 2019, IACLEA launched the newest course in its Leadership Series, First-Line Supervisor Institute (FLSI). This unique IACLEA program is the only institute for first-line public safety and law enforcement supervisors working on college and university campuses. This course is designed to train current and newly appointed senior officers, mid-level supervisors, corporals, and sergeants in law enforcement leadership. The course modules are tailored to address the specific demands of the campus environment.

This 3½ day course was filled to capacity, with participants from across the United States, including Idaho, California, Texas, Wisconsin, and New York. The itinerary allowed time to network, including at the reception that took place the first day.

“In 30 years of law enforcement, this was the best training I’ve ever had. I should have had this training in 1997 when I got my first promotion.”- Mike Vena, American University, Washington, DC.

Day one began with IACLEA President-Elect John Vinson, PhD, assistant vice-president of student life/chief of police University of Washington Police Department, who presented on the major elements necessary to be a successful leader. Chief Vinson emphasized that the keys to success are understanding and identifying the right approach to leadership and its changing process, as well as demonstrating strong leadership to create an atmosphere of confidence and trust. Prior to this interactive and intense program, attendees were asked to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator survey. Chief Vinson used the results in the opening-day session to explore the strengths and potential pitfalls in the context of leadership and learning. At the end of the first day, participants came together to network at a reception in the Harriet Tubman Lounge hosted by The Hotel at The University of Maryland.   

On the second day, Lieutenant Brett Parson, Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia, presented on best practices for transitioning from officer to supervisor and management of subordinates. His engaging and sometimes blunt presentation focused on team building while emphasizing the responsibility of a supervisor and the responsibility they require from their subordinates. Though many laughs were shared, Lieutenant Parson never shied away from the crucial responsibility first-line supervisors have toward personnel in their command, as well as operations, administrative, community, and communications colleagues.

“Networking is the most important [component] as supervisor, and with IACLEA they are second to none. They’re a great [organization] for networking. They can get on the phone and call anyone. They call me.” - Chief Dave Mitchell, University of Maryland Police Dept.

The third day began with Dr. Jack Moorman, chief of police North Carolina State University, presenting the impact of supervision on morale and department perception of line officers. Presenting with a distinct change of pace, Chief Moorman delivered his presentation from a qualitative aspect, analyzing how supervisors gauge the performance and morale of their officers and department while maintaining a standard of excellence. The day continued with IACLEA Education and Learning Committee Chair Lewis Eakins, PhD, chief security officer/director of public safety Idaho State University, engaging the attendees with his presentation on biases, de-escalation, and supervisory responses. Becoming self-aware of biases within the public safety community, as well as understanding the various forms of bias in campus law enforcement, Director Eakins explained how to respond to and manage bias

On the final day of FLSI, Dr. Meloyde R. Batten-Mickens, director of facilities operations at Prince Georges Community College, presented a session addressing building a leadership guide to successfully managing critical incidents. The program concluded with Dr. Batten-Mickens’ insights on engagement, appreciation, and development, followed by a panel discussion on supervisory experience managing a crisis on campus.  Panelists from member institutions included Chief Mitchell; Chief Leroy James, Prince Georges Community College Police Department; Chief Leonard Hamm, Coppin State University Police Department; and Captain James Booker, Bowie State University Police Department. One of the favorite quotes of the training was stated during the panel:

“Rules without relationships lead to rebellion”- Chief Leonard Hamm, Coppin State University Police Department

When asked about their experience at the First-Line Supervisor Institute, attendees had this to say:

What did you enjoy most about this training?

“Being able to brainstorm with others and learn different approaches to solving problems has already had a profound impact and pushes our departments/agencies to be the best they can be.”

“Hearing from all the presenters and classmates was not only eye-opening, but I gained a lot of knowledge from them. Amazing training and truly inspiring…Again, this training was amazing and truly inspired us to be our best at the job.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding this training?

“From the moment I arrived at training, I felt welcome and comfortable. All instructors were excellent and took plenty of time to answer questions and assist us with our jobs as much as possible. Look forward to attending more trainings in the future. Organization and preparations of the entire training was spot on. Great job. Thank you again!”  

The next IACLEA First-Line Supervisor Institute will be held in January 2020. Watch IACLEA communications for details.


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