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Farewell and Thank You, ED Riseling

Sue Riseling served as IACLEA’s executive director for the past three years. She concludes her term this week. Paul Ominsky, then president of IACLEA, recognized her service during the Awards Ceremony at the Annual Conference & Exposition on June 26, 2019. He had this to say about Riseling:


I would now like to acknowledge our departing executive director Sue Riseling. Sue’s reputation is widely known—as a trailblazer. A change agent. An innovator.

ED Riseling addressed an overflow room in the US Capitol during IACLEA’s first Congressional Staff Briefing, during Capitol Hill Day 2018.Day to day, IACLEA members reap the benefits of Sue’s ingenuity—as the stellar team she hired delivers expanded member benefits, with which you are familiar. I believe her biggest contribution was one less visible—the change in the management structure of the Association, itself.

She led the incredibly complicated process to end the 33-year contract with the association management firm. That entailed transferring and transitioning every bit of knowledge and practice in IACLEA’s history within six months to build an independent IACLEA. This feat was the quintessential “easier said than done” undertaking. And it occurred without a glitch.

Riseling joined Commissioner Bill Bratton, LiveSafe President and CEO Carolyn Parent, and then-President Paul Ominsky after a fascinating plenary session at the 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition.

Only an individual with extraordinary intellect, unbending determination, and outstanding strategic capabilities could have completed such an endeavor. ED Riseling possesses all these traits, in addition to a gigantic laugh and a heart of gold.

Sue, the presidents you served under—and especially this one—believed you to be the ideal leader at a pivotal moment in IACLEA’s history. Your contribution to IACLEA is lasting and will benefit the profession for years into the future…in keeping with your personal motto: Always Forward.

I thank you for everything you have done for the Association, the Board, and for me. We wish you only the best in every future endeavor. Please accept this gift as a small gesture of our deep appreciation.


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