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Thank You, President Ominsky!

© Mike RitterPaul Ominsky concluded his term at the Annual Conference & Exposition in Vancouver. The Association saw continued programmatic expansion and achievements during his tenure, including the debut of IACLEA’s First-Line Supervisor’s Institute, the launch of the Global Center for Campus Public Safety, and the convening of the largest IACLEA conference in Canada! He also initiated the national search for the Association’s next executive director and led the Board through important strategic decisions. We thank you for your tireless service to the Association, (now) Immediate Past President Ominsky!

"I very much appreciated the opportunity to work with President Paul Ominsky over the last year. During his tenure as president, the Association made significant progress in the level of services we provide to our members and remained the leading campus law enforcement association in the world. His dedication and resilience are admirable. Best wishes, Paul." —John Ojeisekhoba, Mountain Pacific Region Director

© Mike Ritter

"It has been an honor and a privilege to serve with President Ominsky over the last several years. The challenges that Paul managed this past year show his remarkable and extraordinary leadership skills. In every debate or discussion, Paul has always put the needs of the membership in the forefront. Paul had to address tough issues and made extremely difficult decisions. I will miss working with the Board under Paul’s leadership. IACLEA is on a positive track with the current board and executive officers. I am forever grateful to our Association and those who serve it." —David Bousquet, Immediate Past President 2018–2019 

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“Paul has always had such a strong passion for IACLEA, and his presidency and what he accomplished embodied the spirit of IACLEA’s mission: a commitment to service and excellence.” —Eric Heath, President-Elect

“It’s been a pleasure serving on the Board with Paul for the last three years.  Through his leadership as president, he has continued to move IACLEA forward, displaying personal kindness and patience while sharing his advice and guidance with everyone.  Though faced with personal and professional challenges this past year, Paul continued to work closely with the executive director and IACLEA staff throughout the year, culminating in a very successful conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I’m sure Paul will continue to make strong contributions to our organization in his new role as Immediate Past-President.” —Jim Pollard, North Atlantic Director

“It has been a pleasure to serve on the Board during President Ominsky's tenure.  Paul's professionalism and hard work have proven his dedication to strengthening IACLEA's reputation.” —Helen Haire, Mid-America Director 

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