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Proposed Bylaws Revisions to be Voted on by Members

IACLEA members will soon have the opportunity to vote on the revised Association bylaws, which were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors. On August 24, 2020, members eligible to vote will receive by email a link to an electronic ballot.  The voting period ends on September 4.  The proposed revision of the IACLEA bylaws submitted to members for approval, as well as a summary of key changes and the current bylaws, may be found in the Association Governance Resource Library on IACLEA CONNECTIONS. (See the Bylaws Update folder).

IACLEA members can read them here

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In January 2020, the IACLEA Board of Directors initiated a Bylaws Task Force to conduct an extensive review of the IACLEA bylaws, the Association’s governance document.  On August 7, 2020, the Task Force presented its final work report to the IACLEA Board of Directors, which included a final draft of the revised IACLEA Bylaws.

Several of the updates clarify eligibility to serve as the institutional representative and Vice President for Finance and address the eligibility of members from institutions with system-wide structures. A new Board Bylaws Review Committee is proposed to conduct a periodic bylaws review and propose bylaws changes to the membership for its consideration.

IACLEA thanks the Task Force members for their commitment and support of the review and consensus process. Vice President for Finance John Ojeisekhoba and former Southeast Region Director Jack Moorman co-chaired the Task Force. Task Force members are:

  • IACLEA President Eric Heath
  • President-elect Patrick Ogden
  • International Director Malcolm Dawson
  • Director-at-Large Paul Dean
  • IACLEA member Kimberly Spears-McNatt
  • Canada Director Pat Patton
  • North Atlantic Director Jim Pollard
  • Former Board Member August Washington

IACLEA thanks all Task Force members for their work on this important initiative.

Members who have questions regarding the work of the Task Force or the proposed changes may contact Co-Chair Ojeisekhoba directly at email:

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