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DOJ Selects IACLEA as Law Enforcement Credentialing Body

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) announced today that it was chosen by U.S. Attorney General Robert Barr to serve as an Independent Credentialing Body for campus police and public safety agencies established in President Donald Trump’s Executive Order No. 13929, Safe Policing for Safe Communities.

For more than a decade, IACLEA has conducted assessments of and established the industry best practices for campus police and public safety agencies through its Accreditation Program. Therefore, IACLEA maintains compliance review processes that can effectively support assessment and certification of college and university law enforcement agencies that conform with Section 2 of Executive Order No. 13929, and which requires that:

  1. The State or local law enforcement agency’s use-of-force policies adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws; and
  2. The State or local law enforcement agency’s use-of-force policies prohibit the use of chokeholds – a physical maneuver that restricts an individual’s ability to breathe for the purposes of incapacitation – except in those situations where the use of deadly force is allowed by law.

Review the announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice. 

“IACLEA welcomes the opportunity to support the Safe Policing for Safe Communities initiative by serving as an Independent Credentialing Body on use-of-force practices for the U.S. Department of Justice,” said IACLEA President Eric M. Heath, associate vice president for safety and security at the University of Chicago.  “Modifications to practices and consistency in their use will be a significant step in improving the public’s trust in law enforcement.”

“IACLEA’s expertise with the profession’s best practices—exhibited through IACLEA’s Accreditation Program that was established more than a decade ago—uniquely positions us to carry out this vital role,” said IACLEA Executive Director John Bernhards. “We thank the U.S. Department of Justice for its confidence in and ongoing support of IACLEA, and for the privilege to serve as an Independent Credentialing Body.  Trust in the policies by which the men and women in blue operate is the core of effective policing and the cornerstone of safe communities. IACLEA is pleased to contribute to those objectives.”

OVW Campus Program Training

IACLEA in partnership with the East Central University’s Safety Training and Technical Assistance for Administrators, Boards, and Law Enforcement (STTAABLE) presents the Office on Violence Against Women’s Campus Program Training. These workshops are currently open and are free for all.