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Vistelar Renews as IACLEA Corporate Partner

IACLEA announced today that Vistelar has renewed its commitment as an Association Corporate Partner through August 2022. Vistelar offers a range of de-escalation training to IACLEA’s 3,700+ members around the world and has been an IACLEA Corporate Partner since 2018.

Vistelar is a world leader in conflict management licensing, training, and consulting. For more than four decades, their conflict management experts have been committed to eradicating the negative outcomes of poorly managed conflict. They are focused on building respectful and safer environments of care.

In Vistelar’s renewed commitment with IACLEA, it will focus on two important initiatives—virtual instructor-led training and thought leadership.

"Our virtual instructor-led training program has really become the foundation of our Unified Conflict Management Training System,” said Vistelar Chief Executive Officer Ann Newman. “The expertise of our instructors—coupled with world-class technology—has given us a platform to provide elite level non-escalation/de-escalation/crisis management instruction more efficiently than we've ever had before,” she added.

Vistelar will offer IACLEA member pricing for the non-escalation/de-escalation/crisis management course. Depending on the number of registrants from each agency, IACLEA members can expect significant cost savings of either $400 or $500 off the normal price for this course.

“This training option saves the departments time and money while still delivering the best instructor training in the industry,” Newman said. “We are beyond excited to partner with IACLEA on this offer to its members."

With the Thought Leadership program, Vistelar will sponsor, with input from IACLEA:

  • A 12-month Thought Leadership Calendar;
  • Ten articles authored by Vistelar to support the Thought Leaders program and made available free of charge to IACLEA members; and
  • Ten webinars, in support of the articles, offered on Vistelar’s webinar platform and also offered complimentary to IACLEA members.

“Vistelar is excited to embark on our Thought Leadership initiative with IACLEA,” Newman said.  “We feel that the focus on specific topics each month will provide enhanced awareness and education in the campus communities that will assist campus public safety in building respectful and safer environments of care."

IACLEA’s North Atlantic Regional Director and board liaison for the Corporate Partner Advisory committee Chief James Pollard of Babson College also expressed his excitement for this partnership. “We are fortunate to have Vistelar continue with its Corporate Partnership and join IACLEA on this new Thought Leadership program,” he said. “Vistelar is a renowned subject matter expert in conflict management and our members can expect phenomenal results.”

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