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2018 Award for Merit

2018 Award for Merit

Chief Dale G. Brophy, University of Utah Department of Public Safety

Chief Dale G. Brophy

The IACLEA Award for Merit is presented to an employee of an IACLEA institutional member of a campus public safety, police, or security department who each day displays professionalism and excellence in performing his/her duties or whose actions and attitude bring credit to the campus law enforcement community.

The 2018 Award for Merit is presented to Chief Dale G. Brophy, University of Utah Department of Public Safety.  The University of Utah experienced numerous public safety challenges during 2017, one of the largest being the senseless murder of a very talented international student and pre-computer science major. Chief Brophy’s leadership during this chaotic event was exemplary. He effectively managed every detail of the incident that included hundreds of officers converging on the campus to assist in the campus lockdown, the investigation of the crime, the apprehension of the suspect, and the constant pressure of crisis communication during the event.

Photo by ©Mike Ritter 2018

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