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D. Stafford & Associates

D. Stafford & Associates

D. Stafford & Associates is a professional consulting firm specializing in campus safety and security, compliance, sexual misconduct response and investigation, and law enforcement issues on college and university campuses in both the United States and Canada. DSA conducts independent audits of Clery Act and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act compliance, Sexual Misconduct/Title IX policy development and reviews, and independent, trauma informed investigations of sexual harassment, misconduct, and interpersonal violence.

DSA also conducts organizational, arming and physical security & vulnerability assessments as well as external searches for campus Police Chiefs and Directors of Public Safety and for Clery/Title IX compliance positions. DSA can also place seasoned practitioners to serve as an interim Chief or Director of Public Safety for campuses that need continuity of leadership (typically for 3-9 months, or for a duration that meets the institution’s needs). DSA conducts an array of other services related to emergency response, campus policing, student conduct and other topics.

Training and Education

DSA offers various online and in-person training programs on a national level, including the preeminent 5-day Clery Act Compliance Training Academy for Clery compliance officers and professionals; trauma-informed training programs for personnel involved with investigating Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking; training programs for Title IX coordinators and investigators, and training for Campus Security Authorities/Responsible Employees.

Through the Clery Act Compliance Training Academy, we have trained more than 3,800 people since 2010. We have also trained more than 2,900 investigators in how to conduct trauma-informed investigations of Sexual Misconduct. In 2016, DSA launched an Advanced Investigations Course: Investigations of Sexual Misconduct: Conducting Trauma Informed Investigations Designed for Campus Police/Public Safety/Title IX & Conduct Officers. This course focuses on advanced interviewing techniques, statement analysis, the use of technology in investigations and more.  DSA offers this course annually each summer to those individuals who have previously completed the 3-day Investigation of Sex Crimes for Campus Police, Public Safety and Conduct/Title IX Civil Rights Investigators course. Go to the website for more information or to register.

How We Can Serve You:  D. Stafford & Associates can provide a wide array of services, including on- and off-site Clery Act compliance audits, assessments and training; Title IX Policy Development, Review, Trainings and Investigative Support; Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act services; Executive, Clery Compliance Officer/Director and Title IX Coordinator Searches; Campus Police/Public Safety Management Studies and Organizational Assessments, Emergency Response Training & Exercises; Student Conduct Consulting Services; Independent Investigations of Critical Incidents; and both campus-based and national classes covering a myriad of topics related to the Clery Act and Title IX.

Why We’re Unique:  Our team of experienced practitioners brings unparalleled expertise in the area of Clery Act compliance. We are also the only company offering training in Title IX/Clery Act compliance that is designed to meet the needs of campus police/public safety personnel and is backed by an accredited institution that accepts our classes for Master’s Degree level credits.

Here’s What is New:  In 2017, D. Stafford & Associates partnered with The National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals (NACCOP) and IACLEA to develop the curriculum for two-day “Foundations of the Clery Act” regional training classes held in numerous locations around the country.  These classes provide a basic overview of the requirements of the Clery Act and are suited for people who are new to the Clery Act as well as those who have previously attended Clery Act training. The regional classes are a perfect way to provide Clery Act training for Public Safety Command Staff and Supervisory personnel who need to have a greater level of knowledge and understanding of the Clery Act.  To register for these classes, visit and select “NACCOP Classes” from the “Trainings & Webinars” menu. 

Additionally, we have expanded our training and consulting services to Canada.  In 2016, we launched an Investigation of Sexual Misconduct for Canadian Institutions of Higher Education class that we are offering annually.  Later this year, we will launch an Investigation of Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking class for Canadian institutions of higher education as well.  For more information about our Canadian services and trainings, visit

Stafford & Associates and New England College have collaborated on the development of an Online Master of Science in Campus Public Safety Administration

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Dolores A. Stafford, President & CEO of D. Stafford & Associates and Executive Director of NACCOP

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