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Procedural Justice: Creating Organizational Transparency

Event Details

Location: Virtual Partner Training (D. Stafford)
Region: All Members
Type: Training
Timezone: EST
Start Date: November 28, 2022, 11:00 am
End Date: November 29, 2022, 3:00 pm

Procedural Justice relates to the idea of fairness between citizens and public safety agencies. It is a belief that the administration of justice, the allocation and use of departmental resources, and the resolution of conflicts in an impartial manner all produce trust and promote positive relationships between police/public safety and the communities they serve. 

The DSA Procedural Justice Training Institute has been constructed for college and university police/public safety agency leaders and is taught by expert faculty. From command staff to first line supervisors, college and university sworn and non-sworn leaders who participate in Institute courses will be prepared to create and strengthen the ethical culture within their public safety organization that will aid in ensuring fair and impartial campus policing practices. 

Professional Standards Investigations – Creating Organizational Transparency in Your Campus Police/Public Safety Agency (Virtual 2-Day Class) 

Course Description:

Campus police and public safety organizations need to be viewed as open, trustworthy, fair, and impartial to establish meaningful and positive relationships—and partnerships—with the communities they serve.  This can only be accomplished if those organizations can successfully develop transparency in policies, procedures, processes, and practices.  This session will review tangible strategies designed to assist agencies in developing transparency through policy development; designing and implementing branding and communications strategies; promoting accountability, reward and recognition structures, and analyzing best practices for establishing transparency using a Procedural Justice framework.


Some of the key topics that will be covered include:


    • Developing positive branding and marketing strategies that highlight community-caretaking and procedural justice philosophies;
    • Reviewing the impact of leadership on organizational culture and identity;
    • Establishing an accountability structure that accumulates trust and respect;
    • Exploring diversity as a key component in developing organizational transparency;
    • Promulgating policies, procedures, and practices that are endorsed by campus communities through their active collaboration in the development process; and
    • Exploring best practice community engagement and outreach methodologies.


Audience: Campus Police and Public Safety Command Staff and Supervisory Personnel


This course will be taught by higher education experts who have a background and expertise in organizational development and leadership of public safety and law enforcement personnel on college campuses.

Audience: Campus Police and Public Safety Command Staff and Supervisory Personnel

This course will be taught by higher education experts who have a background and expertise in developing and implementing Professional Standards (Internal) Investigations for Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies on college campuses.

IACLEA members receive a 10% discount when registering for any of the classes available on the DSA website. 


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