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Rave Mobile Safety

Rave Mobile Safety

Rave’s campus safety solutions provide peace of mind when seconds count. Universities and colleges face emergencies almost every day, from dangerous threats and medical emergencies to severe weather and the unthinkable. Communication is key throughout any of those critical events. See why over 65% of the U.S. higher ed population relies on Rave’s trusted, public safety grade infrastructure to keep students, staff, faculty, and visitors safe and informed.

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Strengthen Student Engagement

Allow students to discreetly and anonymously report crimes or suspicious activities. Rave’s customized safety and protection solutions offer a mobile app with two-way communication for students to contact campus safety officials directly to provide them with key information for response strategies, enhanced situational awareness, and mental health resources.

“We were looking for something whereby students can communicate directly with our police HQ and relay information. We selected Rave because of the ability to text and call directly.”                                                     William Patterson University

Expand Your Communications

Easily communicate with everyone on campus, including students, contractors, parents and other temporary guests by implementing a text to opt-in feature that integrates with your current mass notification system.


“We are taking the mystique away from emergency notifications. Rave is what we call ‘the secret sauce’. We use it to get crisis communications out to everyone.”  —Medical University of South Carolina

Reach Out Across Channels

When severe weather, a crime or an adverse event happens, notify your entire community with just three clicks across voice, text, email, digital signage, website, social media, desktop alerts, sirens and more.

“Rave gives us the confidence and peace of mind that our emergency communications will always be sent on time to the recipient’s preferred device.”  —Bentley University



Member Resources

CONNECTIONS is IACLEA's member community featuring peer networking and a full library of resources for the betterment of campus public safety.